Forward Continuance CEO is Taking a Trip Down to Texas!

Forward Continuance CEO is Taking a Trip Down to Texas



Forward Continuance’s CEO will be visiting Texas soon to scope out the four major markets: Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. By the end of the year, our goal is to be in all major markets, spearheaded by our CEO. “There is much client demand in Texas, and we looked at our resources, options and understood that this would be an excellent move. It’s important to constantly challenge your abilities and put developments into motion for growth. Comfortability doesn’t do anyone any good, rather it helps when one is pushing to reach further lengths,” says Mitchell Hughes, CEO of Forward Continuance.

It is no secret that Texas is one of the biggest states in the US. It’s great for business because of what it offers as a location. Due to its culture, weather, and options of lifestyle it makes it an ideal state to earn a living and start a business. Various diverse markets make numerous options viable for our industry. “We scoped out Texas and its major cities because the location of these cities is perfect to reach out to new customers, new additions to our crew, and genuinely continue our goals with existing clients. One of the reasons we are attracted to this market is because of its growth economically. It has been stated to rank first for the economic climate and even over the past couple years it has grown to be home of the 1,000 largest public and private companies, which is quite impressive” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance.


Hypothetically if an aspiring entrepreneur wanted to start their own business, Texas would be the best place to do so. This is important because it is personal, as well as professional. Those needs will be attended to. According to studies, in 2015 U.S. census reported that the average home price was $305,000. However, in Texas, it was $151,000. Way cheaper than the nation’s average. There are various reasons as to why we want to expand Forward Continuance and make sure it thrives. We have seen growth and development in Texas and its city, due to that it makes it an ideal place as a location and clientele reach for our needs as a business. We’re excited to be scoping out this area, and we’re confident it’s going to be great.


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