Forward Continuance - The Importance of Positive Brand Message

Forward Continuance On The Importance of Brand Message

Brand identity is something that takes time and effort to achieve, but once you have got it right it will pay off in dividends. When potential clients are browsing the web looking for people to carry out their direct marketing, they will be subconsciously drawn towards websites that display a positive and confident brand. A…

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Forward Continuance - CEO

What If Every Team Member Was a CEO? Forward Continuance Encourages This Thought

In today’s world where it seems like everything’s a competition, from the grades you get in school to who is wearing the nicest designer jeans to who drives the sportiest car, it is no wonder that it is difficult to build a cohesive team willing to work together towards a common goal. However, team Forward…

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Forward Continuance - Attend Exclusive Industry Event

Forward Continuance Attend Exclusive Industry Event

  It appears to be an exciting week for leading marketing experts at Forward Continuance as they announce their personal invitation to attend this years exclusive industry event, also joined by other industry gurus and renowned entrepreneurs, managing director Forward Continuance Hughes is beside himself with excitement. Based in Philadelphia, Forward Continuance got to take…

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Forward Continuance International - Entrepreneurs

Forward Continuance Look at What’s Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Starting a business takes inspiration. Something has made entrepreneurs realise that running their own business is potentially more rewarding than working for somebody else. Once the business is up and running, it’s important to keep the inspiration coming, but how do business leaders achieve this? A recent video blog on asked some emerging entrepreneurs…

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Forward Continuance - social media

Forward Continuance Emphasizes the Importance of Social Media for Marketing Firms

Over the past week Mitchell Hughes, CEO of Forward Continuance, has been encouraging his office staff to update their LinkedIn accounts and connect with employees throughout the company. There are many positive outcomes from having professional social media for companies, and Forward Continuance is frequently updating achievements and business news to keep followers updated. Keeping…

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fORWARD International - brand

Forward International on Self Expression and Giving your Brand Substance

Managing Director of Forward International , Mitchell Hughes understands what individuality and personality can bring to a brand. Creating strong brand awareness is a fundamental part of giving your business the credibility it needs to go the distance. Brand recognition can generate sales and raise the profile of your business. Managing Director of Forward International , Mitchell…

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Forward Continuance - Graduates

Forward Continuances’ Advice to Recent Graduates

All over the United States young adults are graduating from college with their degree in hand. In Philadelphia alone last year there was 50,000 graduates. Many college graduates enter the working world in hopes of landing a job in their intended field shortly after graduation. However, in past years in the Greater Philadelphia Area job…

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Forward international - expansion

Forward International Review the Benefits of Expanding Horizons

It’s important that businesses don’t overstretch themselves in the early phase of their operations, but it’s just as vital that they recognize the opportunities to expand when they come, and seize the right moment to do so. One of the main constraints that many businesses face is a physical one. Here,Forward International  look at the…

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CRM | Forward Continuance

Forward Continuance Reveal how to Build Customer Relationships

Customer acquisition leads to more sales and business growth, which is why it’s so sought after by businesses in all sectors of industry. Customer retention can be just as important however, which is why entrepreneurs should always be looking for ways to build an effective relationship with their customers. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine…

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Business Meeting | Forward Continuance

Forward Continuance Look at the Growth in Business Confidence.

The global economic downturn of recent years affected businesses on every continent, yet the green shoots of recovery are now being seen in countries across the world. One of the most important signs of this is consumer confidence, which continues to rise. Business confidence can be just as important, and as a recent survey by…

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