Management | Forward Continuance

Forward Continuance Look at the Complexities of Upper Level Management

Moving upwards from a task oriented position to one of management is not always an easy transition, but moving from a manager’s role to upper level management is perhaps the hardest move of all. There are a number of reasons for this but there are also ways to make the transition a whole lot less…

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Business Plans | Forward Continuance

Forward Continuance Review the Importance of Business Plans

Businesses face an unprecedented amount of competition and struggles in today’s difficult consumer climate. Whether the target of a business is end-users, other businesses or both is irrelevant in this dynamic, as there are always significant hurdles to clear when building a comprehensive strategy. Every successful business possesses a short-term and long-term business plan that…

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Shoppers | Forward Continuance

Forward Continuance Review Connections Between Consumers and Shoppers

As the nature of e-commerce – and regular commerce, for that matter – continues to shift and evolve, so must the tactics that brands and marketing firms use to engage with shoppers. One critical element of the shopping experience that continues to change is the nature of the relationship between consumers and shoppers. While some…

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Work | Forward Continuance

Forward Continuance Review Opportunities in Work Placement

Businesses across all industries have particular needs in regards to short-term employment and work placement opportunities. The relationship that exists between business and employee in this dynamic often proves to be mutually beneficial – the employee obtains valuable skills in an introductory environment and the employer receives labor at a reduced cost. In a recovering…

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Client Base | Forward Continuance

Forward Continuance Examine the Need to Build the Right Client Base

As a direct marketing group expert in building customer bases for their clients, Forward Continuance knows what it means to capture ‘the right’ kind of customer. As the old saying goes, quality over quantity and that is just what Mitchell Hughes, director of Forward Continuance wants to express in terms of finding the right clients.…

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