Forward Continuance Attended an Exclusive Administrative Meeting

Recently, Forward Continuance’s admin and the team had the opportunity to attend an exclusive administrative meeting in Chicago. The important thing that was discussed was bettering an admin’s role and developing leadership qualities that make them stronger. “Admin leadership is about conducting tasks that often develop and sustain the company. Being a successful admin comes from the fact that you’re able to communicate and be a team player,” says Mitchell Hughes, Managing Director of Forward Continuance. Administrative leadership is an important role in a company because this role is for individuals that know how to strategize, communicate and implement actions. They maintain a positive workplace environment and make sure everything’s running smoothly.

“In addition to being the backbone of a company, they can learn quickly and share a similar vision,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. Various admins spoke at this meeting, and they talked about how they value each function and love working with their company CEOs. It’s so important to maintain a healthy relationship between yourself as an admin and the CEO because together you can accomplish, as well as reach targets. At Forward Continuance our admin makes sure to reach above and beyond with every task. All admins work hard and when they are able to develop a teamwork relationship with their CEO and staff, they instantly have what it takes to exceed expectations.

They are also an effective liaison. states, “An effective administrator is a liaison between management and staff. By engaging both parties, an administrator can find solutions that will meet the demands of both management and staff. This can help to make the organization a positive work environment free of many problems and conflicts. The administrator should manage the information, performance, and expectations of everyone within the organization and make necessary corrections to benefit the organization.” “We believe this to be true. At Forward Continuance our admin is someone is a liaison, and she’s there each step of the way. It’s been the best working together to get proven results with our admin, and we know the future has more in store,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance.

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