Forward Continuance Discuss Relevant Ways to Improving Office Productivity.

The most common misconception about being productive in the office derives from that fact that workers should be taped to their chairs and be seen working a countless number of hours. Many agencies and businesses make this mistake when it comes to their workers: they do not create a steady flow. “Workers are likely to get unproductive when their environment does not seem to show any challenge or change, ” Says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. Authentic productivity and a job done well come with a balance provided by the workplace. Forward Continuance looks to review ways in which we have helped our workers increase their productivity through some changes.

“The key is to providing ways in which representatives will not feel overwhelmed by their daily tasks. You must have an outlet for them to participate in and release any stress or tension, and in return, this will increase healthy productivity” Says Mitchell Hughes, Director of Forward Continuance. For example, give your representatives a chance to work together in place other than work and through social, or educational environments. By going out and participating in an activity such as biking, as a group, workers will learn about teamwork. mentions “Provide outdoor educational perks. Nowadays, having a corporate gym membership program is normal, but you can still set your company apart by giving your employees the chance — and incentive — to learn new outdoor skills.” As an example, Dizzle, a San Diego based startup that builds mobile real estate apps, offers its employees a monthly stipend to try new outdoor activities. So far, employees have learned to sail, rock climb and mountain bike. This boosts team outlook and builds stronger relationships amongst employees, especially when they’re learning together.” As a result, this will overall increase the productivity of an office space.

Another way could be by providing some activity at the workplace once a week. A pool tournament, or table tennis match. Table matches are known to boost concentration levels, thinking skills, and boost healthy competition in general. Small options and outlets, in return, would be able to increase performance at their daily job. Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance quotes Author, Pawan Mishra by saying “High productivity and a healthy environment are two unconditionally entwined buddies. Our process allows us to abort any attempts toward crucifying either of the two—because as soon as one of them dies, the other follows suit.” This is what Forward Continuance appreciates.

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