Forward Continuance Discusses The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Business

Forward Continuance Discusses The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Business

The term ‘emotional intelligence’ derives from individuals that have qualities such as, self-control, teamwork, perseverance, and getting along with others. But why is this an important attribute to have in your representatives? Forbes gives us insight by saying, “In a third international study of 515 senior executives, emotional intelligence was a better predictor of success than either relevant previous experience or high IQ.” “Workers with high emotional intelligence are able to work better in teams…At our company, it’s important for everyone to communicate and have a space where they can bounce ideas off of each other and learn skills — It’s almost important that we promote a good team setting environment,” mentions Mitchell Hughes, Managing Director of Forward Continuance. If certain individuals do not have the capability or attributes of emotional qualities, it becomes very hard for them to adapt to any changes, innovations, and an evolving workplace. This makes it difficult to push further into a successful area for them.

Forward Continuance knows that emotional intelligence is important in a business environment because workers that carry it are self-motivated, self-aware, and have great people skills — these are the type of people all workplaces need and thrive with. The self-motivation they have comes from being able to express opinions and important matters with control. For example, if a worker disagrees with something, this individual with good emotional intelligence, can calmly discuss it and respond as to why they believe it doesn’t work. Whereas, individual who don’t practice emotional intelligence tend to be short-tempered and lash out. The motivation for workers with this trait comes from the fact that they are resilient and optimistic if they encounter disappointment.

“We know that it can be difficult when there is a bump in the road, but the important idea to note is that you will get through it and focus back and see where you went wrong, or what you can do to better yourself. It’s a learning curve,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. Lastly, an EQ individual is able to use empathy to determine situations. Especially in a business where people are constantly working with clients and customers, it’s important to understand their mindset, and be able to empathize with their needs should something go wrong. “Being able to respond to a client’s needs genuinely is what gives an upper hand and workers can provide great service,” notes Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance.

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