Forward Continuance Reviews: “What it Luck, or Was It…You?”

In a recent article on, ‘Was It Luck, Or Was it You…?” writer Sara Fabian speaks about how she’s always considered herself lucky. She states, “I have always considered myself lucky because of the many gifts I’ve received in life: a loving husband, a loving family, great friends (not many, but true ones). A healthy body and a healthy mind. The home I live in, nice vacations I can afford, doing the work I love. For all of this, I am truly grateful. And the more grateful I am, the more I feel spoiled by the universe ( The question now that arises is that was it luck that helped her reach success, or have anything she could ever want or was it hard work and that she deserved the sweetness of victory? “At Forward Continuance, we believe that luck might play a small role in people’s victories. Criteria such as being in the right place at the right time or meeting the right person. That’s kind of lucky,” says Mitchell Hughes managing director of Forward Continuance.

However, Fabian says “I have decided to stay in my truth and say what I think, with no apologies. I’ve stopped pretending this was all about “luck.” I am now brave enough to step outside my fake humbleness and start celebrating myself and my achievements. Today, I know that no one employed me because they liked my smile. I was offering a set of capabilities, skills, and talents, and by that, I was adding value to my employers. It wasn’t about me being lucky to get those nice jobs abroad; it was always a win-win solution with mutual benefits. Yes, I deserved it. Yes, I worked hard. I am saying it out loud now because I got sick and tired of hiding behind my “luck” as if being proud of myself was something shameful” ( We agree with her mindset because this is exactly what brings you success and anything good in life. “The fact that individuals work hard to achieve their status in society or the fact that diligence plays a huge role in beating adversities,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance.

“If this mentality sounds familiar to you then realize that it wasn’t luck that brought you to your place of success. If you step back and look at everything you had to accomplish to achieve your status, you can be proud of it and you should be,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. Fabian says something to end her thoughts, “Become aware of your strengths and talents and learn how to build on them in your private life and career. Stop feeling ashamed for your achievements. Do not get scared by your greatness. Instead, embrace it with dignity and joy. And always remember that sometimes in life, you need to acknowledge there’s been a lot of hard work behind your ‘luck’” ( Forward Continuance wholeheartedly agrees and enjoyed this excellent article.

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