Forward Continuance Reviews What it Takes to be Great

There’s a huge difference between wanting to be just good and wanting to be great. The secret and difference between those to yearn to be great is that they set out a path towards what they want to achieve. “In order to do great things, individuals need to be motivated enough to reach them,” mentions Mitchell Hughes, Managing Director of Forward Continuance. The problem is that most people end up settling, they think they can’t go any further so settling is their option. When you just aim towards ‘good’ you aren’t aiming for the highest aspect of what you can reach. Based off your target and goal that’s how you will reach the end results. So if you aim for a mediocre goal then the results will be mediocre in the process. At Forward Continuance we make sure there’s one key quality our business partners have that set them apart. This quality is commitment.

“Commitment is what separates quitters and go-getters apart. Go-getters don’t settle for less, instead they identify what they want and go after it in full, force,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. With commitment you lock down what you want your next goal to look like and have a route to perceive it. This is an extremely important factor that greatness derives from. If you look at all the great and successful people, the element that they needed the most to succeed was commitment and consistency. These two things together make an deniable recipe for success. Vince Lombardi had once said, “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” This means that no matter what you decide to do, if you don’t set your mind up for greatness and commit to achieving it you won’t get to accomplishing it. “It’s important to note that anyone can be successful, but those willing to try are committed.”

Take the example of going to the gym for instance. When an individual starts working out and muscle training, if they go everyday for various number of weeks then they will see results. Similarly in business or career fields, once you decide what you want grasp it and aim towards it with all your might. After some time of putting into consistency and with every other factor you will see results. Those results are defined by your perspective and goal to achieve it. Forward Continuance promotes this type of mindset and we aim to provide this ‘greatness’ mindset in all our representatives. As a whole and company we want to achieve greatness and it will come from the individuals behind the doors doing their part and taming their mindsets.

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