Forward Continuance Shares 3 Characteristics of a Great Networker

Networking in the business industry is quite significant. It helps us meet other individuals who are perhaps potential clients, customers or business partners. The key to growth is continually challenging yourself to be better each day. “Many people advise about being great, and how networking events are great to attend. However, what makes a great networker and are you one of them?” mentions Mitchell Hughes managing director of Forward Continuance. According to a study, researchers asked around 3,400 business folks through a survey to pick from the top 20 characteristics provided and based on those which would make the cut to see what makes a great networker. “This is a fascinating experiment because we get to see what the business leaders of our world want to see in people that network. These few characteristics make sure that individuals who carry these qualities are top networkers,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance.

The number one characteristic researchers found hit the top was being a good listener. This is pretty clear and evident. Many times we come across people that don’t give us a chance to speak. They are continually talking about their accomplishment and how they came along. But, the key to being a good networker is listening. “People like to be heard. They want to feel like you are paying attention to what they are saying. You can’t help another person if you don’t know what they are saying. By listening you’re able to fill in the gaps in the conversation,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. The second characteristic we noted was an individual’s approachability. People want to feel comfortable around you, the only way that will happen is if you make sure you are approachable. Comfortability leads to building a connection, and that link is vital.

The final characteristic we took into notice as being critical for us is being genuine. Many times by speaking to someone you can get an idea of qualities they have. Being a helping hand, or sincerely understanding another person’s needs, it’s about showing maturity and understanding. Having that warm emotional ambiance about an individual can make sure authentic and genuine. “These characteristics take time to build. However, once they are learned, it’s a life-long perk you have beside you,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward COntinuance.

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