Forward Continuance Shares 3 Transferable Lessons From Basketball to the Business World

The business and entrepreneurial world can be quite like other environments most times. Every field you go into there has to be a style of leadership skills and qualities that help you excel and move further in your career. “An important factor in the business world is having a sports-minded type of attitude. Meaning you are geared towards winning and trying to do your best with the team,” mentions Mitchell Hughes, Managing Director of Forward Continuance. There’s a lot of being taken from the sports world when it comes to leadership. In the world of business, a lot of rules, attitudes, strategies, and points are the same. “Think of basketball, there are various strategies and leadership qualities to be learned, no wonder the sports world coincides with the business world in many ways,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. We have come up with three different methods of illustrating the similarities between business and basketball when it comes to leadership qualities.

Sharing a Similar Vision. In basketball, the goal is to win a championship. You go through rounds with teams in the playoffs and whoever is the best in the end wins. This takes a particular type of image that all the players on the team must share. Similarly, in a business environment, each individual needs to have the same vision and make sure they are doing their part and taking shots to make their overall situation better. “Take the example of the current teams in the NBA at the moment, they have been working together to make sure the results are proven and shown on the screen,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance.

Encouragement and Positive Plays. If someone has a great idea on the team, you don’t shut it down because they aren’t the leader. In a team, there are no actual leaders, the quality of leadership has to be coming from within every individual because that’s how they conquer in the end. “In basketball, for example, when the ball gets loose, and someone has to run after it, this is the player putting his team before himself. It doesn’t matter if he ended up getting the ball before it got to the foul line, it matters that he tried and made an effort — this is how a fair environment works in business also,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. At Forward Continuance, we make sure to encourage and note the positive plays everyone makes on our crew. It’s important because every individual needs motivation and that know they are doing a good job.

Give Credit and Empower Each Other. LeBron James and Stephen Curry are known for standing out in their plays in the NBA world. But they never fail to give credit for everything their team does, most of the times all starting lineup players and the “big 5” always make sure to follow through with their own type of leadership qualities. In doing so, they make it easier for everyone to have a chance and bring their best to the floor. In business when everyone is part of a team and does their part the results are inevitable. They will show regardless of win or loss, and everyone just has to be together and bring each other up to accomplish this.

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