Forward Continuance Shares The Benefit of Business Cards

“We’ve recently decided to spruce up our business cards. The important idea behind this is keeping our content and firm fresh. New ideas, tools, strategies, and designs are always coming forward. Our job is to be aware of this and keep our firm that way also,” says Mitchell Hughes, managing director of Forward Continuance. Business cards are known to map your firm in one area. It’s basically a smart way to be productive when mentioning your company and being promotional if you needed to be. “There are many reasons why having a fresh business card is important. The one thing I like about it is the fact that it proves credibility. It represents trust, honesty, and reliability. When someone hands me a business card, that means I can trust them and vice-versa,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance.

According to Chron online, the writer Matthew Schieltz talks about the advantage of business cards in his article. He writes one of the reasons as to why business cards are important. “A business card can represent trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability that a company or business person would attach his name and number to a physical card. Not only is a company’s reputation or credibility at stake if no business cards are used, but the company stands the chance of being forgotten about when a prospective customer departs from the company’s or representative’s presence.” Schieltz also states, “Business cards can be used as a tiny form of advertising. As such, they should represent the business in both words and design. A well-designed card is one that the recipient wants to hang onto and one that stands out in the crowd.”

“The writer mentions that business cards are convenient, which is true. It’s basically a small piece of well-designed paper that summarizes your company with your CEO’s name on it. It’s a simple yet strong form of representation, which is why we hold importance to it,” mentions Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. We’re excited to freshen up our business cards and know that they’ll be great.

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