Forward Continuance Shares The Importance of First-Impressions

Forward Continuance believes that first impressions are what make or break your image. “Making a great first impression is so essential to anything you move forward with in life. It’s that first moment that’ll differentiate you. For example, when you’re in class your first year of university or when you go to an interview for a well-compensated position, what you do makes or breaks your image,” says Mitchell Hughes, Managing Director of Forward Continuance. For an aspiring entrepreneur or business leader, it’s important to understand that every time you meet someone new, you are setting yourself up in their perspective. How you act, what you say, and what you do stands out more prominently in that first moment.

In an article on, it mentions research done by a psychologist regarding first impressions. “According to Amy Cuddy’s research, 80 to 90 percent of a first impression is based on these two traits. Subconsciously, you and the people you meet are asking yourselves, “Can I trust that this person has good intentions toward me?” and “Is this person capable?” We often assume that competence is the most important factor, and people have a tendency to play this up when they meet someone; however, Cuddy’s research shows that trust is the most important factor. In order for your competence to matter, people must trust you first. If there’s no trust, people actually perceive competence as a negative. As Cuddy said, ‘A warm, trustworthy person who is also strong elicits admiration, but only after you’ve achieved trust does your strength become a gift rather than a threat.’”

“This is an important factor when meeting new individuals. For example, when business owners meet new clients to work with, there has been a sense of trust established when they speak about how to go about approaching a strategy. When you meet that trust basis with someone, you will have made yourself stand out,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. Many other attributes that you can practice will make you stand out during your first impression. For example, a firm handshake, your body language, eye-contact, and fluency in communication. Forward Continuance especially appreciates when an individual is able to do all these things. When someone goes for an interview, for example, they should skip the same old script and make sure to be firm and confident in a friendly manner when responding. The way an individual speaks a lot establishes trust along with these physically practiced attributes. All-together these establish a proper first-impression, one that’ll guarantee you success.

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