Forward Continuance Shares Ways to Boost Networking Skills

Networking in the business world goes hand in hand just like frosting on a cake. “Great networking skills contain the ability to make lasting professional and personal relationships that will go on for your whole career. Networking creates opportunities and helps us establish our name in whatever industry we are in,” says Mitchell Hughes, managing director of Forward Continuance. While traditional networking strategies still work to an extent, in our day and time there are other strategies that are more effective. “Thought these ways and strategies are unconventional, we have found that whenever we utilize these at Forward Continuance, our results are the best,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. A couple ways to boost your networking skills and strategize effectively will help. Our representatives have come together to gather what makes the best networking strategies and how to implement them:

Be the Best Version of Yourself

Whenever you’re in a room filled with strangers, the best thing you can do is be yourself. Target the type of person that you find is most beneficial to you in that room and once you do that from a philosophical view and perspective, start talking to them. “Ever hear of the phrase, ‘you attract what you are?’ that’s the type of mentality that works. Working on yourself makes you stronger, what you present is what you will attract,” says Mitchel Hughes of Forward Continuance.

Talk to Strangers

In a networking event, the best thing you can do is just talk to different folks. All these people are here for a reason to meet and greet different other people. So you are no different, if anything you will not feel as alone because everyone basically has a same goal.

“Treat Connections like Neighbors”

Sweta Patel, a startup marketing advisor and founder of Silicon Valley Startup Marketing says, “Before the 1980s, most people lived in tightly knit communities where knowing your neighbor was a given. Everyone was expected to contribute to the success of the village. But this concept is slipping away as social networks revolutionize how we communicate. We get competitive, only revealing certain aspects of ourselves—especially our successes. I nurture my connections by treating them like neighbors. As I get human with them, they reciprocate my efforts. It’s helped me in all areas of life and business. My community now contains all the connections I need. The key is to offer value before asking for help. For example, Ryan Foland is the master of TEDx Talks. But before he mentored me about the subject, I gave him an idea that could potentially increase his business revenue and offered to help execute it. That’s how villages and communities work.” This is also a really good way and technique to help us network better. “In all, our basic goal is make connections and lasting relationships professionally. This only happens if we’re willing to go out of our comfort zone and make sure it’s done,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance.

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