Forward Continuance Shares Ways to Turn Stress into Success

According to Success Magazine, “3 Rules for Turning Stress into Success” the writer Denis Waltley explains that stress is inevitable. But there are various ways to transform that stress into something useful. There are ways to turn anxiety into positive success. “At Forward Continuance, we know that stress comes with any particular field and career. It tends to take over if it’s not controlled and taken in charge of,” says Mitchell Hughes, managing director of Forward Continuance. There are three methods that Waltley shares with us to manage stress and then turn it into success. It’s not easy, but with effort and taming the mind, it is very possible.

One of the ways that Waltley writes about is changing the changeable. “This is a great tip because sometimes we dread over the things we can’t change at that moment. But why not change the things that can be changed taken into consideration for a better future,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. “Change your reaction to what others say and do, and you can control your own thoughts and actions by dwelling on desired results instead of the penalties for failure. The only real control you have in life is your immediate thought and action, and because most of what we do is a reflex—a subconscious habit—it’s wise not to act on emotional impulse. In personal relations, it is better to wait a moment until reason has the opportunity to compete with your emotions. The only real control you have in life is your immediate thought and action.”

Another important concept that Waltley mentions is accepting that somethings can’t be changed. “Ever think about the past and wonder where you went wrong, or what you could have done to better yourself? That’s in the past now, and your only route is to learn from mistakes and progress forward,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance. Waltley says, “Everything that has happened in your life to this minute is unchangeable. It’s history. The greatest waste of energy is looking back at missed opportunities and lamenting past events. Grudge collecting, getting even, harboring ill will and vengeful thinking does no good. Success is the only acceptable form of revenge.

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