Forward Continuance Celebrate Philly Eagles Win

The most celebrated triumph is when an organization that isn’t expected to make it to the end does so and then steals the win also. One of the best things about Super Bowl 51 was that it was against the underdogs, Eagles and the Elite, Patriots. The intensity of this game was great, different plays were being made, and different tactics were being used by the Eagles defense to overrun the Patriots. “This is the story of the underdogs making it big to win their hometown the first ever Super Bowl in history. It is the greatest accomplishment and shows that one must never underestimate those that persist, work hard and try,” says Mitchell Hughes, managing director of Forward Continuance.

Our favorite part of the game was watching two outstanding teams play against each other to win a trophy and title. No one expected the Eagles to even come in the Super Bowl. When their original QB player Carson Wentz got injured, the second string QB Nick Foles had to take matters into his own hands. The plays and confidence he portrayed against Tom Brady and the Patriots are to be remembered for a very long time. We haven’t seen this in a while, where the team least expected to win comes through confidently through smart plays.

Watching Sunday’s Super Bowl this year motivated us to reach our goals as well. We’re confident that being the underdogs means nothing, if anything, it means that those that they have a greater opportunity to prove themselves and be remembered. “At Forward Continuance, our goal is to have persistence and confidence and just like the Eagles, overcome any adversity to reach our dreams,” says Mitchell Hughes of Forward Continuance.

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